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Ethan and Charlie G. are a brother sister pair writing and recording original music born from emotion and experience.

About Each Other

" We get on each other's nerves, but thats just how we say 'I love you' There is no one else I would rather write and record with than him." - Charlie 

"mmmm - she's alright (lol!) " - Ethan


Ethan became interested in playing guitar at 7 years old when he found his great grandpa's fender in a closet. He upgraded that old fender to an electric strat gifted to him by his grandpa with the caveat he would practice every day.  With that his passion and guitar collection has continued to grow.

Ethan's favorite hobbies include hanging out with friends, disc golf, Madden, cheering for the Chiefs, and playing D-End for his school's football team. 


Big words and big emotion is Charlie in her most raw form. Poetry and music have been Charlie's escape from an early age.


Some of Charlie's hobbies include finding hidden meaning in all the songs she listens to, escaping in a fantasy novel, dot journaling, and snuggling her giant cat Marshall.   She does normal stuff too, like homework, chores, babysitting, and texting her friends too much.

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